You can buy the official BEA$TCOIN NFT on PARAS by clicking the image above.



BEA$TCOIN or Beastcoin was created purely for entertainment purposes. It is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain and is currently available on Pancake Swap.

The token is also currently awaiting review on BscScan, once completed that will populate the token with it's own logo, which is seen above and below.

BEA$TCOIN was created using a freely available online BEP20 token creator and as such there are only 100,000 BEA$TCOINs available, that number will never change as the token can not be burnt. 

The listing on BscScan can be seen here: BEA$TCOIN (BEA$T) Token Tracker | BscScan

Here is a direct link to the BEA$TCOIN contract on BscScan.

The token is currently available via Pancake Swap here.



The history of the Beast can be found amongst a small group of friends who due to one of their friends being told off at work beheld the term 'Beasting' or 'Beasted'. From that point on it entered their lexicon like a particularly ravenous raccoon and soon became their own meme.

With the rise of crypto-currency and alt-coins in general I took it upon myself to create our very own 'BEASTCOIN or as it became known 'BEA$TCOIN'. 



As mentioned earlier and as seen on the BscScan contract, literally anyone can create their own coin or 'token' in an afternoon. I recommend anyone to try it as its a fascinating process, the template I used can be found here: BEP20 Token Generator | Create BEP20 Token for FREE ( 

The instructions are remarkably similiar and now that I know how its done I will endeavour to learn more and possibly upgrade BEA$TCOIN to a more sophisticated contract.

The token can also be found currently listed on PooCoin Charts.



Now that I've created this token it would be lovely if it got some traction but I certainly won't be asking anyone to provide liquidity for the token in exchange for unrealistic returns. To repeat, this is an experimental token purely for entertainment purposes. 

That said, I have provided liquidity myself via Pancake Swap in the form of BNB, which I will be doing again.

That's all for now, BEA$T on.



 BEA$TCOIN logo and favicon below: