Why work with us?


We only work on commission, if you're items don't sell, we don't get paid. The only fees paid are those to Shopify for processing the payment, which are covered within the sell price. This sale price is negotiated between yourself and us as is the commission percentage. 


From the initial listing to the final sale and beyond, we will always keep you in the loop with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Whether you're a start-up or you've already made your first million, we're with you every step of the way. We treat our partner's stock as if it were our own.


Anything related to: gaming, comics, videogame consoles and merchandise, such as geekwear and soundtracks etc. We know our audience, we know what we like and we know what we can sell.


At this current time we will only be working with businesses based in the UK, your stock must be within the country and ready to be shipped the moment that items sells.

Feel free to drop us a message using the Contact page or email us at: queries(at)basyg.tech

We look forward to working with You.
The BASYG Team